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See how chill and non competitive your life gets when you don’t judge other girls in how they dress, do their make up, or how many selfies they take. Take a nap by a window, glow up

"You know what they say, superheroes are born. But I think sometimes superheroes are made."

- Danny O’Donoghue (iTunes Festival 2014)

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"Part of me wants to drop out of college and go travel the world.
Part of me wants to work really hard in college and change the world.
Part of me wants to not work hard at all and marry some rich guy.
And the other 97% of me just wants to sleep."

"Did you cry so much that you could barely see?"

- The Script // Flares (via danthesociopath)


it doesn’t matter how many shows I watch none of them will let me down like Glee let me down

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